Terms & Conditions



Minimum age:

19 years with 1 year driving experience.




Fully covered and is included in the price. In case of an accident or theft of car the following access fee is applicable:

  • Drivers aged 19 or 20 years are liable € 600 damage excess.
  • Drivers aged 21 up till 24 years are liable € 450 damage excess.
  • Drivers aged 25 up till 74 years are liable € 350 damage excess.

Drivers over 75 years of age need to present a doctor's certificate.

Fuel Policy: Vehicles should be returned with the same fuel. Charges will apply should vehicles contain less fuel then when rented out.




Euro (€). Cash and visa, master card are accepted.




All included



Breakdown Service:

Free 24hr breakdown service





Car Baby Seat


Satnav / GPS €3.00 Daily

Additional Driver’s Charge


Airport delivery and collection during office hours (09:00 - 17:00)


Airport delivery and collection after office hours (17:00 - 09:00)




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